Pomodoro counter is an iOS app created to improve people's productivity by making use of the pomodoro technique created by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s.
In the application, Users are able to create, track and measure their daily activities.

The UI was mainly based on iOS user interfaces guidelines. Clarity and customization leaded the design. 
We choose a circle to represent a pomodoro because it can remember a tomato and it's also a geometric shape aesthetically beautiful. Adding to that the fact that could represents a timer as a pie chart in motion.

As for the icons, we've created on its semantic meanings and provided two versions - one for the unselected appearance and one for the selected with a filled-in version to ensure that the user could understand the difference with clarity.
The app was developed in the XCode itself written in Swift and Objective-c together with CocoaPods and CocoaTouch.
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